Q&A with Scott Sternberg

Chat with Founder from Band of Outsiders

While Grungy Gentleman recently brought you the Band of Outsiders F/W 2013 presentation photos in their entirety, we now unveil our 1-on-1 interview with the label's frontman Scott Sternberg. We were grateful to be afforded this rare opportunity to understand Sternberg's perspective on the current offering and also his projections on where the label is heading. We also tried to uncover further details regarding the Los Angeles-based designer's inspiration, that seemingly always links back to his childhood. Read our interview in its entirety below. 

So, Matt vs. Miles. Did you go in expecting a winner and are you happy with the way the scavenger hunt turned out? 

I know both of these boys very well. My head was with Matt my heart was with Miles. But you know, everybody had a good time so it worked out. 

I used to always ask my parents for Lego sets growing up. Something that is quite impressive you've done is bring these Lego characters to life. How much of these Lego characters do you truly use in your inspiration? 

It's really just all this stuff, whether it's a Lego set, a Pez dispenser or a Rubic's cube. It's just all these things I grew up around. Those are the things that for whatever reason as a kid I had an instinct to find beautiful and interesting. That's always in my head and of course I'm always thinking about what's cool now. 

I'm from New York and my brother from LA. We always bicker about which city is better. Do you think LA affords you any advantages? 

Who knows? I mean for me as a person, living in LA is a necessity. So I don't think about it in terms of better or worse. I just like living there. It's my home. 

So I've bought about 3 or 4 pairs of your Band of Outsiders x Sperry collection. While that collaboration is coming to a close, what can we expect next from Band of Outsiders? 

Sperry might come back. We're trying to figure that out amongst our priorities. We have a great relationship, it just sort of expired for a while. All of that stuff is so important. I've learned over the years because I've screwed up a few times like we all have. You realize that you don't want to do something like a big line of shoes or a bunch of bags or something like that until you can do it right. So, all of that is coming but I want to get it right. 

Is there anyone in particular you would like to see in Band? 

It's hard for me to think of the collection that way. I don't feel like I'm designing for someone specific. It is more about just churning out what feels right. But I'm always enchanted when I see someone I'm a fan of wearing the clothes. 

Well how about this -- who would be your ideal person to watch, munch halfway down a cookie? 

Mick Jagger.

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