Mr. Throwback

NYC Vintage Kingpin Located in LES


On 9th street between 1st and A lies a tiny nook with Nerf guns, Simpson dolls and Goosebumps books peering through the glass window. But when you open the doors, be prepared to enter every sports gear lover’s paradise. Mr. Throwback, the shop's name, most definitely contains the hottest collection of vintage sportswear in all of NYC.

Always entertaining owner, Michael Spitz, curates rare vintage merchandise including 80’s and 90’s NBA Champion Jerseys, (such as New York Knicks Patrick Ewing and Bulls Michael Jordan) silk Starter jackets, Aztec shirts, wacky track jackets, graphic tees and snapbacks for days.

But Spitz doesn’t stop there. He also offers a variety of unique collectables, such as game worn New York Knicks wristbands, ’87 Ghostbusters action figures, a ’96 Space Jam Yo-Yo, and even the Agro Cragg from Nickelodeon’s Global Guts.

This store is seriously like stepping into a time machine for all who long to bring back the 80’s and 90’s. Mr. Throwback will grant you admission to your very own memory lane.

But could this really be the hottest vintage sports shop without some fresh kicks? I think not. Spitz carries rare vintage sneakers – from ‘90s Nike Force’s to CB34’s and an abundance of Jordans. And if your sneakers are in desperate need of a touch up, Mr. Throwback offers custom sneaker refurbish and repair.

Items sell quickly, so dig deep into this goldmine by visiting Mr. Throwback on 428 East 9th Street.

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