Jason Pierre-Paul

Interview with Star NY Giants Defensive End

"The only way to block Hurricane Sandy from hitting is Jason Pierre-Paul." I saw this quote via social media, the evening of the devastating storm before it hit and did its damage. Let's make this clear. Hurricane Sandy was no joke and we are deeply saddened by the aftermath it produced. We are not one to judge the appropriateness of a joke, nor are we going to try. The simple fact that a man could be (jokingly or not) comparing another man to having such force that he could prevent a national disaster from occurring…well then you could only imagine what kind of a difference maker Jason Pierre-Paul is on the gridiron.

Grungy Gentleman chops it up with Super Bowl Champion, New York Giants star Defensive End, Jason Pierre-Paul below...

Coach Tom Coughlin made it mandatory that all players wear suits during the Super Bowl. Which was your suit of choice?

Looks like your staying fresh.

At Grungy Gentleman, we attempt to do a little bit of that.

First thing I did was call my stylist. The normal brands do not fit me. So I have to always go the custom route. I like to stay edgy, fresh, and on-point.

Critics allude to the idea that the Giants play at their best when their backs are against the wall. How does the team fight off the 'sink or swim' mentality every week?

We always stay hungry. Every week is a new week. We stay on our grind and we keep grinding week after week. The Giants play every game like it is our last game. It does not matter if we take a loss, we get right back on our grind and will come out even hungrier the following week.

How does having a strong offense and superstars like Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks alleviate the pressures of the defense?

Having guys like that on the other side of the ball, who you know are going to get it done, really allows us to play our game. It motivates us to play that much harder. They don’t want to let us down, just like we don’t want to let them down. It is much easier to get stops when were leading in the game, which is something that the offense does a great job with. Also, the defense knows we have these guys coming out after we get a stop.

In what ways would your game change if the New York Giants switched to a 3-4 defense, in place of the current 4-3 defensive formation?

Well, [smile] I would be more effective because a 3-4 allows our defensive backs to drop back. In return, this allows natural pass rushers like myself more time to get into the backfield and ultimately to the QB.

Who do you feel is the toughest QB in the NFL to prepare for?

[shakes his head] Vick or RG3. Definitely those guys. They can do so much with the ball and even if we cover everyone, they have the ability to just take off. For those weeks, the defense has to understand their roles and execute that much more.

Is there any team you specifically enjoy beating up on?

Dem boys…definitely like beating up on the Cowboys. To be honest I really enjoy beating up on anyone in our division. Any team in the NFC East, we enjoy beating up on.

You just had an event with Lord & Taylor and Steiner Sports. Any brand in particular at Lord & Taylor that you were feeling this season?

Actually Nautica looked cool.

Steiner Sports and JPP are big supporters of charity work. Can you discuss your partnership with Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports and the charity work you accomplish together?

Most definitely a huge supporter of charities and a big believer in giving back. Brandon Steiner and I recently did an event in New Jersey together. We try and give back as much as possible. What I like about working with Steiner Sports is we don't care if we have to get our hands dirty or plan a simple autograph signing event, as long the goal of helping the less fortunate is accomplished. You can never give back enough. I try and do whatever I can to give back to the community.

What can we expect next from yourself and the New York Giants?

Playoffs baby! They can expect dedication, grinding, and hard work. I will do whatever is necessary to get us into the Playoffs.

Maybe add some hardware to the collection?

[big smile] Would be nice. Playoffs first, then we will get into that.

*Interview transcript conducted by Adam Cole

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