ESPYS 2011 Style Recap

ESPYS 2011 was action-packed. The fellas really bought it for this award show. Best-dressed included Amare Stoudemire, Blake Griffin, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Landry Fields, and Matt Kemp. Check out a FULL comprehensive style recap.
Aaron Rodgers and Justin Timberlake
Aaron Rodgers took a page out Jay-Z's book with an all-black-everything ensemble. He looked pretty sharp doing it. Way to follow up strong after your Super Bowl MVP performance Aaron. As for JT, such a high-cut suit? I like the color of the suit but Mr. Timberlake could have used a deeper color tie to break up the look. Justin may need to bring 'sexy back' once more.
Amare is a student of fashion and it shows! It makes it even cooler when an athlete is well-dressed and still an absolute terror on the court. STAT has that covered and then some. Along with his inside-outside game on the hardwood, Amare dresses up and down to perfection. In this instance, he win's best dressed at the ESPYS. Another day at the office for New York's finest.
 Arian Foster
What a shame! The thought and effort was there. It's just the execution that needed work. Tape-piping on the suit, chunky frames, and a bowtie proved to be too much for NFL's breakout running back in 2011. Lose 1 of the 3 and the pride of H-Town would be in better shape.
Ben Watson
Holy moly! A 4-button suit? Really? How long is that jacket? We get that you're a tight end dude. 
Blake Griffin and Taylor Griffin
Woah! Where did this come from? Are Blake and Taylor the best dressed sibling tandem in sports? I think so. Blake killed it with a gray shadow-plaid suit and brown brogues. The subtle tie-bar and 3-piece action is just the icing on the cake. Dude apparently can do more than jump out of the gym. And look at his little brother following in his footsteps. Totally dig white suits in the summer time and the tailoring on the jacket is awesome. The pants are pretty well-done as well. Could be a little shorter but hey, now I am really criticizing. Cool choice to rock chambray under the white suit. Momma Griffin must be proud!
Brian Wilson 
Uy vey! We get you want attention. The San Francisco faithful must be scratching their heads here. At least the dude throws gas out of the bullpen. But this is just unacceptable.
Cam Newton 
Did Cam just graduate college? Couldn't tell by this picture at all! He looks way too old for his age. His look should have shot a bit of youth into his step. Slimmer cuts would have done wonders. 
Cedric Ceballos 
Possibly the best part of this entire piece is that there is a Cedric Ceballos sighting. Possibly the worst part of this entire piece is that vest! Shorten up that shirt too my man.
Chris Berman
Oh the Swami! So hard not to love this guy no matter what. I call this 'typical Chris Berman attire.' Wish we could get him in suits that fit him better. But I can't complain. Nobody calls a more exciting highlight than Boomer, "he..could..go..all..the..way" and "back, back, back, back, back, GONE!" Classics.
Chris Connelly 
THOSE PANTS! Holy cow. When you stopped working for MTV, did they take the mirrors out of your house too?
Chris Evans 
Oh, if it isn't Captain America and GQ cover boy. Go to work son. This is how you rock a 3-piece suit. Take notes.
David Anderson 
We get you went with a casual approach. The top-half, not so bad. The bottom-half, bad. Tailor those pants my man with your new contract extension.
Action Jackson almost pulled off a serious look. Trim down the pants and you would have killed it young fella. But I am impressed nonetheless. Jacket tailoring was very strong and the dandy-effect was in full force.
 Dhani Jones
Check out the wording on the bow-tie. Definitely unique, so props. Do I like it? Well you're talking to someone who doesn't like words on anything in his wardrobe.
Dirk Nowitzki
The man of the hour dressed like the man of the hour with this 'old-Hollywood' look. The pants could have been shortened, but my man killed it with the strong lapels.
Donald Driver 
"I've Got Hoes, I've Got Hoes, In Different Area Codes, Area Codes." Is that a pimp or Donald Driver? 
Earl Bennett
Pants would have been more effective in a slimmer cut. I kinda like the vest on him. Nothing eye-popping, but nothing eye-gauging either. 
Eddie George
Pattern matching was pretty good. Jacket should be trimmed down a bit. Very business-like, for a very business-like running back in his prime.
Evan Longoria
"Wild thing. You make my heart sing." Rick Vaughn or Evan Longoria? You can't mix a Tommy Hilfiger, prep look with a Hells Angels vibe. Doesn't work. But the front-side looked pretty cool.
 George Wilson
Classic, clean, and elegant. Personally, I would have went with a cotton pocket square rather than silk. Still a fresh look.
 Greg Jennings
What is with Green Bay wide receivers? Somebody send a tailor into their locker room fast.
James Starks 
Shorten the sleeves, take some of the body in, go with a thinner tie, and you'll look like a G. 
 Jason Kidd
Ok, J. Kidd. I see you dawg. Fresh to death off your first ring, huh? Totally digging the footwear and the tie adds a great pop of color. Who says this dude is aging?
Jay Leno
Thank gosh his chair covers his pants usually. Shorten those bad boys and lighten up on those sleeves Jay.
Jimmmmer! Looking youthful and sleek. My man. The width of his tie is perfect. This is a conservative but sharp look, that backs up his personality perfectly.
Jimmie Johnson
Great fit, great proportions, great look. Black never fails on the red carpet. The skinny tie makes him look like he is in the prime of his career.
 JJ Barrea
JJ brings a shot of excitement off the bench for the Mavs. In this look, JJ's tie brings a shot of excitement to his outfit.
 Joe Johnson
This is not how to rock sneakers with a suit. His pants are 2 sizes to big and completely overpowers your eyes when checking this ensemble out. Wait, that is if you can get past those vents. What's with the pocket square? Is it in there or isn't it?
 John Wall
Mr. Wall teaches us all how to doogie. Mixing brown with black usually doesn't work. But the gold on his tie and pocket square pulls it all together. Digging the contrast between the black jacket and white pants. Tie is the perfect length which equals points. Well done sir.
 Jose Bautista
If you take in the sleeves, you would have totally had that effortless-cool look nailed.
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Hate the belt, but who can hate? Kid is killing it. But Justin better not get carried away. Lot of glitter. Come on Selena! Control your man, girl.
Keifer Sutherland 
Sharp, clanly groomed, and black always wins at award shows. This is no different.
One thing we learned from NBA Draft 2011 was Kemba can dress. ESPYS 2011 confirms that. The look would have been a complete 10, if it not were for an ill-folded pocket square. But man, that is how you rock a bowtie. Go to work son.
Kenny Smith
C'mon Kenny! Nobody is a bigger fan of yours than me. But gosh, thank god we can't see under that table of your TNT broadcasts. You're sleeves are way too long and you went with baggy pants to accompany it with? Your kicks are dope brotha. Show them off.
Kevin Love, Jonah Hill, and Baron Davis
All 3 of these fellas look dope. Jonah Hill where have you gone and when did you learn how to dress? The tie width is perfection and plays a perfect compliment to the light purple check on his shirt. Totally feeling the shirt selection along with the tie and jacket by Mr. Love. And nobody in the NBA rocks a better hipster-dandy look better than Baron.
 Landry Fields
Yes sir! My Knicks know how to dress. Landry working this 3-piece, shadow-plaid suit likes he works opponents. Digging the splash of color the tie brings to the look. The brown lace-ups are the clincher. 
 Marcedes Lewis
DB jackets are in but not when they are 2 sizes too big on you.
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban dresses like he doesn't give a f*ck. Not in a good way. But ya know what? He probably doesn't give a f*ck.
 Matt Barnes
Another example of how not to rock sneakers with a suit. And man, there are tailors in LA for sure. Kobe, help your teammate out.
Matt Kemp 
Fly as hell dawg. A DB slim-fitiing suit with a dandy approach to the pocket square brings out his youthful charisma that Dodgers fans have grown to love.
 Michael Irvin
I am pretty confident I saw Irvin rocking this suit in '97 after a Cowboys/Giants game. Time to update your suiting wardrobe homeboy.
Mike Conley and Zach Randolph
Way too far of a drop of the lapels for a vest that hikes up so high Mr. Conley. I see you Z-Bo. Take some in on the sides and sleeves and you will look as dope as you played in the playoffs this season.
 Paul Scheer
What is with comedians dressing so well these days? Sharp and fits well.
 Rashad McCants
Is that a straight-jacket?
 Ray Allen
The top is tailored so well. Were the pants not included? A shorter jacket would have helped too.
 Robert Horry
Is that a 4 or 5 button suit? 'Big Shot Bob' has now become 'Big Suit Bob.'
Russell Westbrook
I know you're supposed to dress your age, but that doesn't mean look like you're in high school. Westbrook has some style so I was disappointed because I was expecting more. Cool vest and tie combo, but the watch bought that kid factor into full force.
Ryan Reynolds
Effortless-cool. Take notes.
Seth Meyers
Awesome host and woah, Seth Meyers can dress. 'Old-Hollywood' to a T.
Shawn Marion
Get your dandy on Matrix. You should always dress how you feel. Coming off a championship win, I think we know why Shawn went with this look.
Stuart Scott
Classic and cool, just like Stuart. And look! Someone who knows how to fold a cotton pocket square. At a boy.

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