Del Toro

​A True Look Into the Del Toro Lifestyle

While we've covered Del Toro, the Miami-based brand on several previous occasions, we genuinely feel the need to share Matthew Chevallard’s vision with the world.

Del Toro is more than a footwear label. It is a lifestyle. No, that is not a cheesy t-shirt sold on some shitty boardwalk. Rather, what we mean is that absolutely zero details get overlooked at Del Toro. The lifestyle preaches family, hard work, a passion for expressing yourself, and being the best at whatever you do.

The Del Toro culture keens in on art, clothing, sports, and travel. Chevallard draws inspiration from all avenues of his life and then applies it to his footwear. His skillset grows by the day. Collaborations with Dwyane Wade, Grungy Gentleman, Pharell, Ronnie Fieg, and Theophilus London keep us guessing what Del Toro will do next. Sky is the limit for the footwear label residing in the 3-0-5. Enjoy the video above.

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